We are the Confident. confidants for change-making leaders.

We help you resolve the world’s biggest challenges to transform the planet, society, and humanity for the better.

This is our passion. Let us put it into practice for you.

Confident. Solutions

We are strategists.
We are advisors.
We are advocates.
We are experts.

We create new, inclusive opportunities that elevate the status quo, build positive reputations, mitigate risk, enable innovation and pioneer policy and regulatory change is our calling. And our partnerships with scores of like-minded companies large and small, civil societies, and governments from around the world have resulted in success. Success that is both meaningful and measurable.

Give us your challenge, and we will help you change the world as we know it.


We Deliver.

  • Advisory Services
  • Proactive Strategies
  • Alliance Building
  • Amplification

We Enable leaders to:

  • Transform the status quo
  • Build positive reputations
  • Mitigate risks
  • Enable innovation
  • Pioneer policy and regulatory change

We Embolden change-makers to:

  • Identify the mutual sweet spot for stakeholders
  • Find a path that drives sustainable change
  • Build a coalition of champions
  • Lead transformation for years to come

We offer Support to:

A wide range of organizations that require corporate affairs and sustainability capabilities to lead transformation—from startups, corporate, and activist brands to government and non-government agencies, and everything in between.

Confident. Passion in Practice.

Confident. Passion.

  • Food system transformation, agriculture and nutrition
  • Building sustainable healthcare systems – personal/consumer care and innovative pharmaceuticals
  • Sustainability, social impact and ESG evolution – strategy, policy, projects, and measurement
  • Women, peace, and security policy
  • Human rights, diversity and inclusion
  • Driving innovative technical solutions/brands/policies that serve humanity, and a better world
  • Entertainment industry projects advocacy and impact

Confident. Practice.

  • Issues and Crisis Management: Reputation (brands, businesses, and people), litigation, and crisis management
  • Policy and Regulatory development: Multilateral policies and trade agreements, local policy, legislation and regulation development, and innovative products.
  • ESG and CSR strategies, and engagement plans
  • Advocacy through effective stakeholder and communication campaigns; public affairs, digital, media, and events
  • Corporate and M&A communications, and investor advocacy
  • Specialists in corporate affairs function setup, and transformation effectiveness

Confident. Values.


We love what we do. We care deeply and are personally invested in driving positive change. Passion is our secret ingredient that brings our expertise into practice.


We don’t back away from big, bold ideas. Instead, we embrace them. After all, you can’t change the world without doing what’s never been done before.


We are pioneers—constantly developing new ideas and reimagining existing ones to find new ways to drive progress and achieve outcomes.


Earning the role as the confidant of change begins with a relationship built on transparency and trust. Our reputation of speaking with honesty, thinking with mutuality, and acting with integrity is one that touches everything we do.