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Continue to deliver innovative policies for food tech and health changemakers that enable market accessibility.


  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Food System Transformation
  • Sustainability


  • Advisory
  • Strategy Development
  • Policy and Regulatory Development
  • Alliance Building

Scope: Global for local execution across all regions

The Opportunity

Several change-makers have commissioned Confident Strategy Group to develop credible policy positions for their food tech and health innovation areas, including precision fermentation, plant-based food products, regulatory convergence, biotechnology, sustainability, and natural products. These clients came to us through recommendations and previous experience with our founder. Due to our expertise in policy, regulatory, issues management, and stakeholders in this industry, as well as our worldwide expertise, we are uniquely positioned to support these teams in developing positions that drive innovation and build a solid thought leadership platform for the future. The clients are businesses in the food and healthcare sectors as well as their industry associations.

The Solution
To create these policy solutions, we follow processes that ensure they are credible, evidence-based, and forward-looking. For all of these projects, we took a similar approach to ensure positions are robust and consider the unique circumstances of each innovation:

  • International agreements, existing policies, and regulations were considered.
  • Stakeholder points of view were contemplated.
  • Surrogates and best practices were studied.
  • Supported our client to ensure strategy and people alignment across the organization.
  • Highlighted the decisions made in the policy so they are well understood.
  • Communicated in an accessible way with supporting evidence.
  • Each policy sets a path forward enabling their innovative solution in the market for the long run.

The positions that we developed for all of these clients are now being used internally and externally to communicate the value of the innovations with various audiences—investors, governments, regulators, employees, media, industry and civil society.