Mutual interest in plant-based foods in Europe leads to an impactful change-making alliance.


  • Food Systems
  • Plant-based Foods


  • Advisory
  • Alliance Building
  • Policy and Regulatory Development

Scope: Europe

The Opportunity
Europe lacked multi-stakeholder coalitions that were able to effectively advocate for plant-based foods. Traditional associations couldn’t necessarily be relied upon to address negative legislative proposals regarding plant-based foods that were arising from special interests in the EU, due to membership conflicts.

The Solution
We cofounded the European Alliance of Plant-based Foods (EAPF), which is now the premier plant-based food alliance in Europe and globally. The alliance includes non-government organizations and plant-based food companies. It was implemented at pace given the influence and size of the lobbying bodies that were actively opposing plant-based foods and were already legislatively active in the EU. The EAPF brings together like-minded organizations in the plant-based value chain around a unique mission: To put plant-based foods at the heart of the transition towards more sustainable and healthy food systems.

The EAPF is now the leading voice for plant-based foods with nearly 40 members. The combined strategy of policy positioning, alliance participants, and amplification was successful in setting the stage for transformation of plant-based food policies and legislation in the EU, such as the Farm to Fork discussions, and was introduced just in time to mitigate anti-competitive legislation AM165 and AM171.